Tough is a crime fiction journal and publisher considering short stories, self-contained novel excerpts and essays between 1500 words and 7500 words, and occasional book reviews of 1500 words or fewer. As of 1/15/24 we are considering novella(s) and short story collections between 15 and 40K in length.

We are particularly interested in stories with rural settings. We are not interested in science fiction or fantasy, except for stories in which those elements accentuate or play a major role in a crime. We are a crime journal. Our book reviews will reflect these interests. We ask for first world and electronic rights. 

We consider essays of 1500-7500 words or fewer--negotiable--on topics of interest to our readers, including profiles of and interviews with crime writers, essays about crime writers past and present, trends in the small press crime fiction community and other subjects as they present themselves. PLEASE QUERY BEFORE SUBMITTING. THE EDITOR IS KIND OF A STICK IN THE MUD AND PICKY ON NON -FICTION SUBJECTS. THANK YOU.

Submit stories between 1500 and 7500 words in length.

Query the editor at before submitting reviews.

Submissions of short story collections and novellas between 20 and 40K words.